Outcast Interactive Trailer

To launch Cinemax’s Outcast—a possession-themed horror show from The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman—we created a terrifying interactive trailer that lets audiences experience demonic possession. At PossessionBegins.com, people close their eyes and are transported to an immersive audio story where a demonic presence goads them and takes ownership of their body. If people open their eyes to try and escape, they’ll see terrifying video montages that correspond to the demon’s threats and actions. We utilized both 3D audio technology and bleeding-edge eye-tracking software to create a scenario where visitors are afraid to open their eyes and afraid to close them, proving that there’s nowhere to hide from Outcast’s dark forces. 

Copy by Campfire

Watch the case study here

Try the experience here

Creative Nick Braccia & Devon Hillman & Adam Paikowsky  ||  Technology Mark Harris & Dinahmo  ||  Production Lauralee Bent