Untitled - C.A.R.D.S. Project

"Each moment passes never to return again except as a constructed thought unique to a system we have created and validated only through artifacts both intangible and enduring"

The C.A.R.D.S. Project is an effort of the Portland Creative Coders Community to encourage artistic practice through generative and computational design.  The goal is "to create unique, hand held works of generative art that will still be approachable and affordable for anyone."  The decks of cards were released as part of an XOXO event.

The challenge of representing a specific experience visually is something I have grappled with my entire life.  How could something so monumental or mundane, so varied in its contents and context, be boiled down to a single literal representation?  The ephemeral nature of experience is such, that it is not meant to be re-created or made physical or literal.  This project sought to build a system in which, using a variety of data sets, an abstraction of an experience could be defined beautifully while maintaining inherent meaning to the person who defined it.  Each piece produced by this system is completely unique and cannot be reproduced.


Creative & Technology Adam Paikowsky